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We have the most extensive in-house and on the ground resources to handle any title research, document retrieval and recording need. Doc Hunters has serviced hundreds of clients of all types and sizes, including national, regional and local title companies, attorney firms, investors and more. You can use us for high or low volume routine requests, tough orders, uncovered areas, last minute rushes, batch projects and more. Use us as vendor management solution or treat us like the local public records researcher. We’ve got it covered!

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No more searching for or replacing abstractors. We’ve got it covered!

Fast turnaround times, good pricing and excellent service! Give us a try!


We are old hands.  Our system, procedures and resources were built over time from the bottom up and used with hundreds of clients since 2003.


Customer Service

Clients need information and results.  Our customer service is live and responsive and our reps are empowered to do whatever it takes.  They work for YOU!


Any aspect of our service can be customized to get exactly what you need.  Pricing, ordering, status, fulfillment, billing – all can be tuned to just how you need it.



Our services are competitively priced. Our turn times meet or exceed industry standards. Doc Hunters will do what it takes to get what you need!