Nationwide Title Research By Doc Hunters

We can take care of your single, multiple or ongoing order flow for any of the search types listed below.  This includes batch orders and large projects.  We can supplement or replace your vendor management functions and be your on the ground abstractor for every county.

Title Research and Abstracts

  • Commercial or Residential
  • Current Owner Title Search
  • Two Owner Title Search
  • Full Title Searches 10 – 60 Years
  • Pre-Foreclosure Title Search
  • REO Title Search
  • Title Search Updates

All searches can be customized to fit anything you need.

Document Recording

We can record individual or batches of documents in any county.

Document Retrieval

We can retrieve plain or certified document copies or information on:

  • Mortgages/Deeds of Trust
  • Deeds of all Types
  • Judgments/Liens
  • Assignments
  • Releases/Satisfactions/Reconveyances
  • Property Taxes
  • UCCs and Fixtures
  • Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosures
  • Divorce Decrees
  • Powers of Attorney
  • And More

Service Details

All customers are also given live no-hold customer service in addition to daily status reports and website access to orders in progress or completed.  Document images and abstracts can be downloaded at any time.  Website access is an added feature for any who might want to use it.  We don’t expect customers to chase us for their completed orders.  Orders will be sent by email, fax or uploaded through your portal as soon as they are done.

Contact us for any questions about coverage, pricing, search types.  We can also provide performance and pricing reports for any county, state or search type to help you analyze and compare services and prices.