Arkansas Title Search

Some may wonder exactly, what is a title company, and we would answer that a title company is usually the place that holds your money in escrow and reserves the documents required to finalize your home or property purchase. So what is the purpose behind a title company? A title company is legally responsible for overseeing the transaction of the sale of property, which is beneficial since they are a third party with no vested interest for either the buyer or seller and are functionally, mediators. They are mediators ensuring that the property closing transaction goes through smoothly.

Arkansas Title Search

Arkansas Title Search – what is a title company and what can it do for me?
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Normally your realtor can answer the question, what is a title company, but if you are looking for information on your own, and are doing the property sale on your own, then having a contact who can help you find and organize the documents you need is a smart idea. This is where Doc Hunters can help you greatly. We have years of experience dealing with titles and property deeds, and are well suited to help you obtain the different documents you will need to close on your new property.


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