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Doc Hunters is a Nationwide Title Abstractor and Vendor Management Company.  We do title searches, document retrieval and recordings in any one of the over 3000 US counties.  The advantages of a Nationwide Abstractor and Vendor Management Company are that you have a one stop shop for all your Title Search and Doc Retrieval needs. 

It does away with the headaches of managing hundreds or thousands of vendors.  Turn around time is rarely affected as we would be dealing with the same vendors you would have to manage on your own.  We have our own large In-House Abstracting Unit and a Vendor Management Unit working with thousands of abstractors nationwide.


Castilla, Colorado Title Search companies like ours quickly find and retrieve the documents you need. Call now or fill out the form below to get started today!

Our live Customer Service has a no ‘voice-jail’ policy for all clients including extended hours to cover all time zones.  They will “Rambo” on your behalf to beat the bushes for anything needed on your orders.

Please contact us directly at or call 866 213-7017.

You can send orders to or fax to 727 518-6886 and we will set you up.


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