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We are a title research company capable of doing title searches, document retrieval and recordings in any US county.  

We image completed orders and provide image storing and web access at no charge to our clients.  Our website allows you to track the status of orders and, when completed, you will be able to view, choose and print the order image you need – including completion cover sheet, invoice and any doc pages. The images are kept available for your reference for 6 months and then archived. 

Julie Atkinson

Eagle, Colorado Title Search services for excellence and speed of document retrieval! Call now or fill out the form below to get started with us!

If you need to contact us directly we have a live answering customer service department who can help you with your needs and act on your behalf to beat the bushes for stops or slows related to problem orders.  We are a very responsive and available company who works to make sure you don’t go into voice jail.  Because our clients are all over the USA we have an evening shift that runs extended hours from 9 – 9 M–F and Sat 10 – 3. 


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