Moffat, Colorado Title Search

Every Title Searcher that we have on our team is an experienced and highly trained professional that knows exactly what they are looking for, and how to get you the information you require in as short a time as possible. Every document is given a close read, and anything else that is referred to is hunted down and checked out, and whatever is relevant is included in the packet that we send to you.

You will have a total history of the property, and we know this will help immeasurably in the sale. When you are involved in the sale of a property you need to know absolutely everything about that property, and the search that we carry out for you means that you have that, and are not caused issues by any unwanted surprises that may be lurking in the small print of some title or other.


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We welcome projects or individual orders no matter how difficult or remote.  We are very experienced at getting orders done in the toughest counties, and speed of service is one of our top priorities!

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