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The procedures by which we locate and assess each document are very well established, and in their search our researchers have to satisfy very specific criteria – all of this being in place with the aim of making sure that you, the customer, get the documents that you need.

For anyone in the Otero, Colorado area who needs us to research a property, you should contact us immediately. We are able to do nationwide searches, and with our research team and vendors we have an amazing resource that will be at your disposal. Once you have worked with Doc Hunters we know that you are going to want to use us for all of your document searches. We look forward to working with you.


Otero, Colorado Title Search service employees leave no stone unturned for you! Call now or fill out the form below for more information!

We welcome projects or individual orders no matter how difficult or remote.  We are very experienced at getting orders done in the toughest counties, and speed of service is one of our top priorities!

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