Idaho Title Search

Sometime, and not all the time, using a title research company is the best option for you. We charge nominal fees, and deliver our orders as quickly as possible. This is much different than dealing with other organizations in the real estate market that may not have as much attention on you. Most realtors work with many clients simultaneously, and they do a very good job of assisting the needs of each of their clients, but the problem is that they cannot devote all their time and attention to getting your situation handled first. At Doc Hunters and almost any other title research company, we can and do put each case first.

Idaho Title Search

Idaho Title Search services, by our Clearwater based company, works fast to gather your documents! Call now or fill out the form below to learn more!

How is this possible? We have a project board and a staff of employees that can move through it rather quickly. While it might take your realtor a couple of weeks and 6% of your sale’s commission to retrieve all the documents you will need to close a sale, we will do so for much less, and in a far quicker time frame in most cases. This is because we are a national title firm, and have personnel familiar with each state’s requirements for obtaining legal documents and titles for our clients fast.

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