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There are multiple research companies you could use to help get together all the documents you will need to conduct the most effective property transaction. Let’s choose our company, Doc Hunters for example: we provide document research services for people nationwide, in every state and county upon request. It has taken us years to establish this expanded network of affiliations and the knowledge of each of these record annexes, and we continue to establish these relationships as tenures change and our clients’ needs expand.



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Different research companies come with their own special skill sets and their own oddities. Take Doc Hunters for instance. We are based in Clearwater, FL and provide document research to clients all over the country, and have our own employees who spend their days finding new property documents and cataloguing them, much like a large title company does. One top of this, much of our time is spent on the phone with the different agencies that control the documents at their physical locations, and getting them transferred to our possession as soon as we can. This is one of the things that make us invaluable to our clients.


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