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Doc Hunters specializes in Title Research and Nationwide Vendor Management. We can provide title research, document retrieval, and recordings in every US County.

We like challenges!

We have worked with Title Companies both large and small since 2003, taking on orders and projects of all types in all places, including the very difficult orders and counties.  Many clients started with us because of coverage issues or odd difficult orders.  We can solve these problems.


Gaithersburg, Maryland Title Search services professionals really enjoy helping our clients! Call now or fill out the form below to see how we can help you begin!

We are available! 

Our live Customer Service has a no ‘voice-jail’ policy for all clients including extended hours to cover all time zones.  They will “Rambo” on your behalf to beat the bushes for anything needed on your orders.

Special Project Needs

We especially like projects by the hundreds and thousands.  Any type of order – foreclosure, purchases, refis, assignment chains, recordings, post closing, etc. – commercial or residential.  We can really rock and roll on these and customize the whole procedure from start to finish.  And we can do it fast!

Please reach out to us if you have any title research or vendor management needs.  


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