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The Maryland state legislature named Montgomery County after Richard Montgomery; the county was created from lands that had at one point or another been part of Frederick County. Just like the county itself was parceled off from it’s mother county in 1776, oftentimes tracts of land will be parceled off large pieces of property, thereby creating a line of successive deeds which would date back to the original owners and that once larger plot.  It can be a very illuminating process to conduct a Title Search on a property, and while there are specific tools and procedures that we use to track down all the necessary documents, there is also a certain level of skill that is required.

It is rarely a straight line that you follow from one owner to the next in a chain of ownership, and there are a whole host of other important and interesting documents which become relevant along the way. Having an ability to think logically and to research using the tools which we have found to be most effective through the years is essential.



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