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When you need a Title abstract that breaks down for you all the salient information, it is essential that it is as accurate and complete as possible. You need to be confident that you are getting exactly what you asked for, and having a company working for you that is as well established as Doc Hunters, is going to provide great assurances as far as that is concerned.


Genesee, Michigan Title Search – title companies like ours ensure you get all that you ask for! Call now or fill out the form below to find out more!

It should be a very A to B process, where you ask for a title search on a property and you get exactly what you ask for. There should be no need, once you, the client, have received the abstract, for any double checking, and with us there won’t be. Our excellent resources and highly trained team mean that your experience will always be smooth and hassle free, as it should be.

If you want more info about pricing for specific areas and search types or specialized projects or turn times please let us know what you need and we will get it to you promptly.

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