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In many cases when someone untrained is attempting to do a search, they pull the most recent deed and forget about looking into back deeds on a property. This, however, can be a crucial mistake and could possibly cause all sorts of hang-ups at close. The reason being is that many times, while the most recent deed may have the right names listed for the property that you were looking at, there are many situations where the deed doesn’t actually show full ownership but only a partial vesting. In cases like this, you need to do a deed chain to get the full chain of title on the property. This can be much more time consuming than your normal brief retrieval. 


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Luckily, our title searcher employees have patience, a keen eye, as well as a know-how on how to maneuver around a records room without causing trouble. It is these skills that allow our team to know exactly what is needed for any individual situation and make them fully capable of obtaining all the necessary documents. We train our team rigorously because it is an important step to securing our clients happiness and ensuring that they can complete their transactions on time and in good order.


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