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One of the things that we at Doc Hunters excel at is title research. We have made the cornerstone of our business the ability to speedily and accurately perform title research for our clients. What does this mean? We sort through the different regulations that address the availability of a specific property’s title, and expedite the release of that information to our business, so we can get it for you faster. Often, when individuals attempt their own document retrieval they find that the process to be excruciatingly slow, and that can cause them untold amounts of stress when they are trying to close on a property faster that the organization that holds the title will allow.


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There are many complications to attempting your own document research when it comes to public records. None of these barriers are insurmountable, but many of them require time and patience far exceeding that which most individuals want to allow. This is perfectly reasonable; because in an ideal world you would not have to wait days, or weeks or months to have copies of the specific legal or title documents you need to finish your transactions. This however is not an ideal world and having assistance greatly helps speed these processes along.


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