Title Search in Bernalillo County, New Mexico

Being the most populated county in New Mexico, you can be sure that county’s record rooms are flooded with deeds. This makes for no small task when you have to find that needle in the haystack to complete your chain of title. Fortunately for you, the professionals at Doc Hunters are expertly trained in tracking down the precise documents, no matter how obscure or old they may be, in order to ensure that your title search in Bernalillo County is full and complete and that you can make your closing on time.

How do we do this? For starters, we love what we do. Not only do we love helping the people we work with, but we legitimately enjoy the hunt. Each piece of property is like a new story with it’s own history to uncover. And so, to make sure that those histories are told correctly, our team is trained to the highest caliber possible, on both the researching side as well as the reporting. This makes it so that we not only get all of the relevant facts but that we also can relay them to you in an easily understood report – making your closing that much easier!


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We understand that both accuracy and timeliness are of equal importance when you are trying to close a deal, and that neither one should be achieved at the cost of the other. When working with us, you can feel safe that our research is done not only diligently but speedily; we are here for you. So next time you have work you need done, whether it’s one title search in Bernalillo County, or hundreds of deed retrievals throughout New Mexico, give us a call  and see how we can help.

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