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You may know that Doc Hunters performs title research, document retrieval and recordings in all US counties and that we can be a one-stop shop for all of your research needs.

But did you know that Doc Hunters has 12 years of experience as a national vendor management company, with an aggressive In-House research unit who works on a first name basis with the county recording offices, as well as a Vendor Management Department that manages thousands of on the ground vendors in all of the counties in all 50 US states?


Asotin, Washington Title Search services can ensure you have the documents you need when you need them! Call now or fill out the form below to get started on the hunt! 

During an economic crunch time such as now, it is important to get and retain all the business you can.  Speed of service is one of the ways to do this.

We welcome projects or individual orders no matter how difficult or remote.  We are very experienced at getting orders done in the toughest counties, and speed of service is one of our top priorities!

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