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Document retrieval is something that we have been doing for many years now and it is something that we have a lot of passion for. Our clients will happily tell you that we love our work and that we are very competent at it, and that the speed with which we carry out every project that we take on makes more than just a refreshing difference, it makes us the company that you should trust with your title research.


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While most of the process of selling or buying a property could be rife with stress, you can rest assured, when working with Doc Hunters, that the title search will not be. We strive to make it a very streamlined process – basically you tell us which property or parcel of land you need researching and then we provide you with a package of all the documents that you need.

We have been serving the Snohomish, Washington area for many years, and we know it and its people well. With our efficiency and quality of service, and the friendliness of our team, you won’t find a title research company more able to meet your needs. Please get in touch with us today, we look forward to working with you.

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