Whatcom, Washington Title Search

Doc Hunters has live customer service and extended hours of operation that make us available during regular business hours for all U.S. time zones.  We strongly believe that clients should not get voice jailed or otherwise delayed and that customer service must be as close to instant as possible. Our customer service department will help you with your status needs and act on your behalf to beat the bushes for any issues, stops or slows related to problem orders.


Whatcom, Washington Title Search services is the best decision you can make! Call now or fill out the form below to find out more!

In addition to live customer service clients can also use our website to track the status of work in progress or retrieve copies of past completed orders.  We make images available for 6 months before archiving.  Images include a completion cover sheet with invoice, abstract summary form, and any document pages. 

You can see how our client web access works by going to https://www.dochunters.com and using the log in and password “sample” and then looking up the order # “sample”.  Clicking on “View Images” shows a completed order.  Orders can also be submitted via our website.  Clicking on “Submit New Web Order” will show you our web order submission page.  This dumps your order directly into our customized program for immediate vending and sends you a confirmation email that it has been received. You can enter a test order to see it in action.


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