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It can be a very illuminating process to conduct a Title Search on a property, and while there are specific tools and procedures that we use to track  down all the necessary documents, there is also a certain level of skill that is required. Our researchers, the more they work in this industry, the better they get a feel for how the strange intricacies that can come into play work and affect the way that a property sale must be administered. Sometimes it is a very straight forward process, and there is not much digging around involved, but other times there is pretty extensive searching required, and our skilled and experienced team know exactly how to ferret out all the salient data. Michigan Title Search

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It is no coincidence that we have the deerstalker in our logo – you really do have to think like Sherlock Holmes sometimes, and it can be really interesting when the game is afoot. Like Mr Holmes we always solve the case, leaving no stone unturned, and we enjoy the chase and resolution of the mystery as much as he did. We have been helping people in the Michigan area with successful title searches for a long time, and we know that our clients appreciate our excellent service, and our expediency. If you are looking for someone to expedite this process for you, that has a proven track record for delivering on time and being accurate, then you need to call Doc Hunters today.  


Counties we cover: Allegan, Barry, BayBerrien, Calhoun, Clinton, EatonGenesee, Ingham, Ionia, IsabellaJackson, Kalamazoo, Kent, Lapeer, LenaweeLivingstonMacomb, Marquette, MidlandMonroe, MontcalmMuskegonOakland, Ottawa, Saginaw, ShiawasseeSt. Clair, WashtenawWayne, and all others!

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